How it Works

Everyone has a different reason for selling something special they bought, but really don't need anymore.

  • You haven't worn it for ages.  It's just sitting in the closet.
  • It seemed a great choice when you first saw it -- but it's not "you" anymore. Perhaps the color isn't quite right, or you want a new "look".
  • You have no reason.  You just want something else!

That's where we come into the mix.

3020 Designer Resale buy and consign an incredible array of clothing in both of our stores.  Just give us a call or, better yet, stop in one of our stores, bringing all of the items you want to sell . Our friendly and experienced buyer will select the items that we feel our customers will appreciate -- and those that will sell the best.  We'll provide you with an estimated resale value based on our years of experience. 

We'll sell your items for cash, store credit or if you prefer, leave them with us for consignment and we will get the best possible price for you.  

We buy, trade and consign every day in all of our stores! No appointments needed. You can sell your items for cash, trade them for store credit, or consign them with us. You do not need an appointment in order to bring in items. Our buyer looks through your items and selects the things that will sell the best in our store. The buyer then calculates approximately what we will sell all of the items for, which we call your “Estimated Resale Value”. Using this “Estimated Resale Value” as a starting point, we then offer you 3 commission options:
We can offer you 50% of your Estimated Resale Value in store credit. For example, if your Estimated Resale Value is $100, you can have $50 in store credit at The Closet. You can use your credit immediately, or we can issue a gift card for future purchases. Like selling for cash, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your items sell to get paid. Trade credits do not expire, can be used at any of our locations and towards any merchandise. Store credit cannot be used towards sales tax; sales tax must be paid by cash or credit card.

We can offer you 30% of your Estimated Resale Value in cash (or a check in some cases) right then and there. For example, if your Estimated Resale Value is $100, you can have $30 in cash right away. You sell your clothes to us, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not they sell. The percentage is the lowest because we assume the risk of the items not selling.

This means that you leave your items for us to sell, and once they sell you get paid. You will receive no payment when dropping off the items. The items will have 2 months to sell. After the 2 months you can either pick up unsold items or have them donated to charity. If you choose to donate unsold items, you will receive 50% of what your items sell for. If you choose to pick up unsold items you will receive 40% of what your items sell for.